15.2 Excel Decimal Data Validation

Excel Decimal Data Validation 1

Create the little dropdown give the users the exact values for them to pick from. Another type that I want to show up here is arrange a numeric range. I want to specify that within a column in this case within the Rate column. You can only put values 14.95 …

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15.1 Creating an Excel Data Validation List

Creating an Excel Data Validation List 3

I’m still on the Sort & Filter worksheet within the Excel102exercise file. Now I want to create a dropdown list, when users are entering the make value within these records. I want to give them a specific list of makes that they can choose: Ford, Chevy, Pontiac, Oldsmobile.. That way …

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14.6 Excel Function: SUBTOTAL()

Excel Function SUBTOTAL 6

What the subtotal function can do for you, this is excels subtotal function. The subtotal function I’m going to F1, I started to type There’s subtotal function, it’s asking me for two things. I’ll go hit the fx button, here’s argument window. It’s got two arguments, It wants to know …

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14.5 Excel Function: DCOUNT()

Excel Function DCOUNT

Now I want to get the counts, I want to know how many sales we’re done with the category of SUPPLIES. At J9 cell, I’m get a count of the sales column where the category is equal to supplies. I’m going to use the DCOUNT function because I’m going to …

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14.4 Excel Function: DAVERAGE()

Excel Function DAVERAGE

I’ve got my average sales at cell K2 and I’m just going to use my same criteria section. We can do And, Or statements exactly the same way that we did it with the DSUM. Let’s start out with the simple one and then I’ll give you an opportunity to …

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14.3 Excel DSUM Function with AND Criteria

Excel DSUM Function with AND Criteria 1

We’ve seen a single criteria where we’re getting where category is equal to rent, and we’ve included the software category. We’re giving total sales where category is equal to rents or software,  that was in your statement. Let’s take a look at utilizing an and statement inside of our criteria. …

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14.2 Excel DSUM Function with OR Criteria

Excel DSUM Function with OR Criteria 2

We’ve got a single bit of criteria we’re summing up the total sales column where the category column is equal to “Rent”. What if you wanted to do I want to get a sum of the category for rent and or I want to get it for overhead so give …

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