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10.4. Creating a Custom Template

Now let us take-a-look at taking our monthly budget and turning it into a template.

First step. Remember the basis of a template is to build the basic structure the basic layout, do the basic formatting and so on have the consistent elements always there.

Opening your document that you want to create a template.

Delete all data in sheet.

Creating a Custom Template 1

Now I am going to turn this into a template, and this is super simple.

I am going to go up to my File and I going to go down the Save As then Brown

Now I do not want to create a standard Excel workbook that your standard file. I want to create a template.

So, I am going to change Save as Type to Excel template.

Creating a Custom Template 2

Then, I am going to go ahead Save it now. So, I am done with the Custom templates.

Now the next quarter rolls around and you will need to build a new monthly budget document. Well I am not going to go file new and create something from scratch. I have a template I am going to build this new one based off that template.

Opening custom template:

When you start Microsoft Excel, select PERSONAL, then select your Custom Template that your created before:

Creating a Custom Template 3

Then Select File – Save As to save your new document from template.

Let us create custom templates, it is a supper simple, select File -> Save as, save it as an Excel template. Get that basic structure and you are good to go. Try this out.

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