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13.2 Sorting a List Using Single Level Sort

Here’s the first tool that I want to get into within working with a list inside of Excel. And this is perhaps one of the most common tools that are used inside of a list.

Now think about this what’s the purpose of a list. I’ve got a list of employee records, I got to put those someplace where I store the data there. Why are you storing the data while I’m storing the data so that later on I can find it. The purpose of a list is so that you can work with the data. You can find the data. One of the most effective ways of finding data is organizing it properly sorting the lists.

I want to sort this list to make it easier to find specific records. Let’s think about this for a moment what might be something you would sort this list by so that you can more easily make this the mist list more accessible so that you can find that data, think about that for a moment. Look at those column headers. What would you sort this list on to make it easier to find, you might think well it depends on what you’re looking for.

If I’m just looking for specific employees may be I’ll sort this list by last name right or sort of my last name so I get it in a sense in order A to Z and I can skim through the list to find those specific employees with specific last names. You know what I want to find employees that work in a specific location.

We’ll sort the list by location. We’ll put it in the proper order to make it easier to find things.

Think about this. Anybody use a phone book any more, do you still get one of those on your doorstep. I got one a few months back and I thought what am I going to do with that. Right, to the recycle bin. I don’t use them anymore but think about this what if a phone book wasn’t sorted would you find anything you might find something it would take you forever to find it, because it’s not organized properly in an accessible way. So we sort the list to make it easier to find.  Here’s the first method on sorting a list really simple.

Sorting a List Using Single Level Sort 1

I want to start my list by Last Name so I click into the Last Name column, doesn’t matter where just anywhere in the column and I’m going to perform what I call a quick sort. I want to sort by Last Name identify that by clicking into it I’m going to go to Data tab on my Data I got a place called sort filter. And then there I got three sort buttons but the first two are my quick sorts. I can sort descending, ascending A to Z. I’ll give that a click, And I’ve now sorted my life list by a last name and a send in order.

Sorting a List Using Single Level Sort 2

You can see A B C D F G and so on really simple click into the column you want to sort on.

I wanted to do my Last Name go up the data make your selection a sending or descending order whatever is going to make it easier for you to find the data. try this out identify how you want to sort of this list what’s going to make it easier to find specific records, why did my last name you might do it by department, you might do it by location you might do by higher date.

Whatever it is I read up to the date of time select your order. You’ve now sort of your list and made it more accessible.

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