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13.3 Sorting a List Using Multi-Level Sorts

The second technique that I want to talk about here in sorting the list deals with a multilevel sort, I want to sort this list by multiple columns. Now this one is is very quick as well but a few extra steps. I want to get into this list. Same employee records list and I want to sort it not just by last name but I now want to sorted by Last Name and First Name, I want to do two levels here.

First I’m going to click into my lists. Now at this point because I’m doing multiple columns it really doesn’t matter which. I’m going to go back into the sorting filter area but this time I’m go to the big Sort button. This opens up my custom sort window now with then here I can do several things.

Sorting a List Using Multi-Level Sorts 1

You’ll notice that I currently have one sort order and here I can see that I’m sorting my column last Name, I’m going to sort on the values meaning the values within that column the last name values and I’m in a sort in ascending and in order. Now this is just one level I want to add a secondary level a secondary sort up in the top left corner or hit the ADD level button, this adds My second level sort. Now here I’m going to go grab first name or continue to sort on values I’ll continue to do an ascending in order sort and I’ll hit OK. And I’ve now sorted my list first primary sort by Last name secondary sort by First name.

Sorting a List Using Multi-Level Sorts 2

Now if I scroll through this list it may not look like first name is sort of the kind of all over the place but what’s happening here is it’s creating groups. Last name was sorted first, now I’ve got A B C and so on. We go I’ve sorted two levels last name and then first name. Simple quick in your list head up to your data tab go to the big sort button you got your custom sorter your multi-levels sort window open and you can add levels. Here’s an app for you now. Ever since 2007 of Excel you can sort up to 64 levels.

For me personally two three maybe four levels occasionally. Try it out.

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