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13.4 Using Custom Sorts in an Excel List

Here’s one more topic about sorting within Excel lists. Now I’ve still got the exercise file . I’m on the Buyers 2015 worksheet.

I mean to give a quick little tip here in order to find really make it more accessible for the little arrows on the left hand side of your screen if you right click right mouse button click on one of those arrows You’ll get a list of your sheets. There we go and I’ll just find Buyers 2015 sheet, then hit OK.

Using Custom Sorts in an Excel List 1

There’s a quick little tip for you as you navigate around with larger workbooks that contain many different worksheets. I’m on this Buyers 2015 worksheet.

I have another list. It’s a simple list just a few columns month year cost items and buyer and a few records. Now the very first column in this list, I’ve got months, It’s a date value. Sort of it’s a date value, it’s a monthly value but it’s not a full date. It’s just got the month in there. Now I want to sort this list by the month, what do I do.

I click into the month column, I go to Data tab. I go to Sort and filter and I need to do an ascending sort, but think about this for a moment. How’s it going to sort that data. This is an ascending any sort easy.

I’ve now sorted my list really simple right clicking the column hit your sort button you’re done. Oh wait it sorted it alphabetically.

Using Custom Sorts in an Excel List 2

It’s an alphabetical sort. Now that’s great and it super simple to do, but that’s not what I want, I want to sort that column chronologically by its actual month value. this is how we can perform a custom sort based on month.

First step I click in the list doesn’t matter where the reason why is I’m now going to go to Data tab and I’m going to go to the big Sort button. This opens up that custom sort window that we talked about in the previous lecture. Now I want to sort by month.

Using Custom Sorts in an Excel List 3

I want to sort out the values meaning the values that are in that month column bytes. I don’t want to sort out easy. I don’t want to do enough Biblical sort so I’m going to change my order.  You do have to reverse the sin in order Z to A, But I also have Custom lists. I’m going to go ahead and it’s like that option this opens up my Custom list, default any copy of Excel comes with four Custom lists days of the week bold abbreviated and spelled out and the same for months. You have to select the appropriate one then click OK

Using Custom Sorts in an Excel List 4

I have a new order here of the month chronological order. And I’ve now sorted a custom sort sorted this list chronologically by the month look at that January February March April May June and so one. try this out.

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