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13.6 Creating Subtotals in a List

The next topic that I want to get into year within a proper designed well formatted list is subtotals, I’ve still got the exercise file open and I’ve gone to the Subtotals worksheet.

I’ve got a simple list, it’s got a few columns. Salesperson, product units, price/unit and sales and a few records, It’s not a very big list.

Now I want to summarize some data here. I want to know as an example. I want to know total sales for each of the products. How much do we sell for Vanilla versus Chocolate Chocolate Chip. What are the total sales for those products. I can perform a simple subtotal to accomplish this goal.

Before you run the subtotal tool which is built into excel the very first thing you need to do is sort the appropriate column that you want to subtotal. I want to get a subtotal by the product, I want a subtotal of the sales by the product.

First step here is to sort the list by the product. Click into the Product column, then I go to Data tab and click Sort A to Z symbol.

Creating Subtotals in a List 1

Now I’ve got some groups for products, I can see I’ve got a handful of Chocolate Chocolate Chip records.

Now, I have the groups I can now perform a proper subtotal for the sales for those groups.

I’m going to show you the subtotal tool and Excel is going to do all that work for us with a little bit of input from us.

First step you sorted the column.

Second step click into your list.

Doesn’t matter where it is as long as you’re in the last third step.

Go to your Data tab on the far, go to Subtotal, it is open up your subtotal window.

Creating Subtotals in a List 2

At what point at each change in what do you want to get a subtotal. For me it’s at each change in product members sorting by the product column.

Every time the group changes, it’ll then give us a subtotal, now wants to know what type of subtotal do you want, I’ve got a number of different types of calculations. I want to SUM of the sales.

Then, I click OK.

I’ve now got my total sales for each product. And it also gave me a grand total down the bottom just a few button presses.

Sort the list, Get those groups. At what point do you want to get subtotals while sorted by product. Go to Data tab go to Subtotal tell all the information and it does the work for you.

If you take a look at the left hand side of the screen. You’ll find three little numbers with some vertical bars. These are groups. If I click on the number 2 this will show me just the subtotals. If I quicken the number 1. I get a grand total if I quicken the number 2 again and back to subtotals of I quicken number 3 and back to my records.

Now you’ve got it all right there. It’s as easy as that. It’s built for you the subtotal tool, saves you a ton of time data subtotal.

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