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13.7 Format a List as a Table

Something the next feature I want to introduce you to here was was actually introduced into excel in the 2007 edition of Excel.

Now I’m working this out of 2013 in front of you but three versions ago and the newest version which is 2016 all whole this feature This is called format list as table.

Now looking at my list I’m back into the exercise file, I’m back to the Employee records list.

There are many different things you would do with a list such as what we’re looking at here. We’ve talked about a few you would do sorting. You would do filtering you would do subtotals and there are many more you might do calculations, you might do pivot tables you might format the list to make it more presentable.

Have you ever gone through a list like this and formatted every other row.

These are two things among others that are want to fix as I work with a list such as this, this is where the Format as table comes into play.

Click into my list

I’m going to go to Home tab, I’ve got a style section and in there I got Format as Table.

Format a List as a Table 1

Now it’s just formatting at this point so really doesn’t matter which one I pick. In fact, you know if you’re trying this out whatever you like to your heart’s content, Pick a color I like blue.

A mini window appearance, they want to know where is your data.

I hit OK and I’ve now formatted my list as a table. It alternated row colors. It did it for me I don’t have to do that manually right. It gave me the drop downs for my filters. It built those two things right into my table now. Now what else did it do. It gave me a new tab at the top of my screen table tools with the design tab where there’s all sorts of features you don’t like blue and gray while you can change the colors up here. It gave you remove duplicates that gave you an export command it gave you a bunch of options here for styles.

Format a List as a Table 2

So one the table style options there’s a few things but I’m going to turn on the total row activate, and just check it now down at the bottom of my list. I now have a total row. That’s a count of records like that that if I click in then you give me a dropdown where there are SUM. Maybe I want to sum up the phone extension. It’s a fun extension but just for demonstration I jump in here say SUM. And I’ve now got a sum of all those numeric numbers. There are different calculations that we can use here.

Format a List as a Table 3

You imagine that this list is going to grow in size. People are going to want to add records to this list. You don’t want to add down below because that would be outside of this table in the lower right corner barely see it right. There’s a little little tick mark, if I grab that I’ll get a double headed arrow is going to left click and drag down and I’ve now added more rows to the table.

Format a List as a Table 4

Really simple click into your list. Go to your home tab format The list is a table. Pick your favorite color, it gives you the filters a little jot down arrows, it gives you alternating rows. It gives you the ability to get into some design aspects like the Total row and various other features here, Format list as table one contiguous list.

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