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13.9 Removing Duplicates in Excel

We’ve identified the duplicates by using conditional formatting. But in many cases once you’ve identified them you then want to perform some action with those duplicates. And in this case I’m going to remove the duplicates.

Remember it’s two separate steps.

First you identify them using conditional formatting and in second.

We’re now going to remove them.

You could just remove them but then you would never visually see which records were actually duplicated.

Now I clicking on my lists doesn’t matter where you’re going to find the find duplicates or remove duplicates feature in two different places because my list has been formatted as a table. I get the Design tab on Design tab, I can go to Remove Duplicates.

Removing Duplicates in Excel 1

If you did not Format your table, then I would need to go to Data tab and on Data tab, I’ve got Remove Duplicates.

Removing Duplicates in Excel 2

Just depends if you haven’t formatted your list as a table you go to your Data tab.

If you have you can go to your Design tab either method they’re exactly the same.

For me because I’m already on I did have a go ahead go to remove duplicates.

This opens up my remove duplicate window where it now wants me to identify what I consider a duplicate and I do this by telling it which columns it should be comparing to identify the duplicate.

Now it says every single column is selected. if every single value in a record matches every single value in another record you don’t consider it a duplicate.

Removing Duplicates in Excel 3

The only thing that I’m really concerned with I’m going to unselect all here and I’m going to choose just the Employee ID. for me if the Employee ID duplicates that means I have a duplicate record in here because each employee should only have their unique ID.

I’m going to check that Employee ID and I’m going to hit OK.

We’re going to get another window up here. But it’s then going to remove any duplicates and they’re now gone no longer in the list.

I’ve now removed those duplicates within this list. Really simple, In the olden days you’d have to go manually through a list and search it yourself and then delete out anytime you found duplicates. Here really simple data to add remove duplicates. Tell how you’re going to identify the duplicate by which columns considered a duplicate.

Try it out. Make sure you do the Conditional Formatting, then remove the duplicates.

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