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14.4 Excel Function: DAVERAGE()

I’ve got my average sales at cell K2 and I’m just going to use my same criteria section. We can do And, Or statements exactly the same way that we did it with the DSUM.

Let’s start out with the simple one and then I’ll give you an opportunity to practice and you do whatever you like.

I’m going to jump into K3 and again I’m going to start typing:

Excel Function DAVERAGE

I’ll give that a double click and just like the DSUM, you’ve got your database your field and your criteria.

We already set up headers and some values or criteria down below for this one.

That’s your list comma F1 the column that you want to average.

Try it out get the DAVERAGE for our total sales were category is equal to Rent.

Try this one out and feel free to experiment try some different criteria

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