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13.4 Using Custom Sorts in an Excel List

Using Custom Sorts in an Excel List 1

Here’s one more topic about sorting within Excel lists. Now I’ve still got the exercise file . I’m on the Buyers 2015 worksheet. I mean to give a quick little tip here in order to find really make it more accessible for the little arrows on the left hand side …

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13.1 Understanding Excel List Structure

Understanding Excel List Structure

Here’s the first concept there’s actually two that I want to bring in here and make you aware of as you work with in Excel with the LISTS. Now inside the exercise pile that I have open, I’m looking at the employee records tab and on I have a simple …

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10.4. Creating a Custom Template

Creating a Custom Template 3

Now let us take-a-look at taking our monthly budget and turning it into a template. First step. Remember the basis of a template is to build the basic structure the basic layout, do the basic formatting and so on have the consistent elements always there. Opening your document that you …

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10.3. Opening an Existing Template

Opening an Existing Template 1

Welcome to the next section of this Excel for Beginners, during this section we are going to take-a-look at using and creating Microsoft Office templates and specifically within Excel. So, I have still got the monthly budget open, We are going to talk about utilizing one of the built in …

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10.1. Intro to Excel Templates

Intro to Excel Templates 1

Welcome in the next section of this Microsoft for Beginners. Now before we jump in and start to talk about templates, I want to do a quick preview on what the idea is what the concept is of an Excel template. Now I am going to use our monthly budget …

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9.4 Printing a Specific Range of Cells

Printing a Specific Range of Cells 2

Let us take-a-look at one more option in-regards-to printing. Now in many cases when you go to a printed document you are going to print the entire thing. The spreadsheet all its data the charts the entire set of data contained within that worksheet. But there will come a time …

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9.3 Adding Header and Footer Content

Adding Header and Footer Content 2

I want to take-a-look at the header and footer of your printed document. Think about the header footer for a moment. You receive a document whether it is word whatever it is. A lot of times in the very top portion of your page roughly half an inch or so …

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