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4.4 Working with the AVERAGE() Function

Let us take-a-look at another basic Excel function. We just got done looking at the SUM function and the Min, the Max function. Let us now take-a-look at the average function. Now you think of average, What’s type of math goes into completing an average.

I want to be able to take the cells B4 to B7, This is January’s amounts here for our different bills and I want a bill to find out what the average amount is.

Normally if I am going to write this out on paper or go grab my calculator, I would take all those numbers, I would add them up then plus plus plus then I would divide that by the number of entries in this case 4. That would give me the average.

That is quite a bit of math going on. Thankfully built into Excel we have the AVERAGE function that does all of that for us.

All we need to do is use the AVERAGE function and tell it the range of cells that we want to find the average within.

I am going to go down into B13, this is right I put my average label earlier.

You need to learn where these functions are at or you can go back to that fx button. You will find it here that little fx or you can even find it up on your formula tab as well, and you can go search for it in there just type in the term and it will find it for you.

Working with the AVERAGE() Function 1

In the Functions Arguments, I delete default value in Number1 box, then I am going to go grab the B4 to B7 then click OK.

There we have it should feel very similar to the sum and MIN and MAX functions.

Working with the AVERAGE() Function 2

That is simple using the average function and giving it the proper range of cells.

So try that I went out and again complete the rest of them get the Min and Max and the average for each of the months.


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