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4.5 Working with the COUNT() Function

Let us look at one more of the basic functions built into Microsoft Excel. We have looked at some Min, Max an Average. Let us now take-a-look at the COUNT function.

I am back inside of my Excel document (Mothly Budget).

I am going to drop down just into A14, I am going to put a label here. Let us just call this count, and what I want to do is find a count of how many bills we pay each month.

The COUNT function it counts numeric values, it does not count empty cells, does not count text values, it only counts numeric values.

I am select B14 then click fx icon, action following by order of the below image

COUNT() Function 1

In the Function arguments window, I can see here that the count function counts the number of cells in a range. In our case B4 to B7 that contain numbers.

COUNT() Function 2

I delete default value in Value1 box, then select cell B4 to B7, then click OK

I can now complete it for the rest of the cells.

That is your account function.

Remember that only counts numeric values, Not blank cells not taxed only numeric. There are other functions though excels. Got plenty of functions in here we have not even skimmed the surface yet, there are so many functions, but we have used some of the common ones. Some being the absolute most common MIN and MAX and Average close-up there, and we have got the count function account numeric values within our range of cells.

Again, complete that went off count for the rest of them. Hopefully, no surprise there should be 4 for each of them or however many bills you got. But could you imagine if you got a huge data set of data. I do not know how many records are in there how many contain numeric values then I can use a count function to count how many numeric values fall within a range of cells. So, try that one out, complete it for the rest of the months and then let us jump into our next lectures.


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