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5.6. Deleting an Excel Worksheet

We are talking about deleting a worksheet from a workbook. Be very careful when deleting sheets from an Excel workbook. The reason for this is once you delete a worksheet from a workbook, There is no undo for this.

Typically, if something goes wrong, When I am working instead of excel, l the first thing I will do is Ctrl Z or hit the Undo button up on my quick access toolbar. But when you delete a worksheet you cannot use that on do button. There is no undo for this. What you could do is if you delete a sheet and is like I am sure I want to delete that sheet and you delete it and then you realize that I should have deleted that sheet no undo for it. So what you can do,  you can close Excel do not save otherwise you just say that deleted worksheet that is gone and then go reopen the file so do not save reopen the file and you will get the sheet back, but if you have been work and work and work in four hours you have not saved, You delete a sheet and you realize it is the wrong sheet you deleted. So, you close excel but you have not saved all that work, that you did up to the point of deleting that sheet, You have just lost all that work.

Now you got a kind of way right, what is more important. All that work that I did or that sheet that I just deleted out.

So again, big fat warning here. Be careful when deleting sheets from a workbook because you cannot easily undo this operation.

This is how you delete sheets and it is so simple. Now I want to delete Sheet2, on this right click on the tab the worksheet tab Sheet2 then select Delete command.

Deleting an Excel Worksheet 1

I will get a warning. Microsoft Excel will Permanently delete this sheet. Do you want to continue? I hit Delete. delete it is gone, there is no undo. It is been permanently deleted.

So, the only way I can get it back is, if I do not save, I close Excel reopen up this document and I will get that file back.

There is one more little thing here and I just want to make you aware of this because I get questions about it.

I just inserted a new sheet3 because I deleted out sheet2. Excel now gives me a sheet3. It is something small, but you can always rename. but just be aware that Excel it keeps track.

That is just really quickly a little bit information about deleting sheets, Just be careful of it. That is the big story here. Easy to do, right click delete.

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