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6.2. Changing the Background Color of a Cell

The formatting that we have so far dealing with the font is only one aspect of formatting, and it is a small one. We just made something bold and change the font size. Now we have also got colors that we can throw into the mix as well not just for the font but for the background.

Now, I want the background of my bills or my headers here to be a different color.

First step, you got to highlight the cell or cells that you want to format.

So, all of those highlighted (B5 to G5 cells), I am going to go back to Home tab underneath my Font section. I have got what looks like a little paint bucket and if I get that a click, I got all these other colors that, I can pick from to change the background of these cells.

+ Change background color

Changing the Background Color of a Cell 1

+ Change font color

Changing the Background Color of a Cell 2

It is a nice strong contrast in their blue background white font, looks so slick.

So, you cannot only change the font, you can change the font color. You can also change the background of the cells themselves.

Once again it creates a lot of separation between the data.

So, I am going to hold Ctrl key, also highlight noncontiguous groups of cells. these cells then format for them.

Changing the Background Color of a Cell 3

Once again separation in there making a little more accessible a little more readable drawing the user’s attention.

Now we are focused in on those amounts because they are so different than the rest of the data out there.

So, try it out, add some color to your document change the font color, change the background of your cells, highlight a group of cells. Use the paint bucket add some light to this document and start to lead the users draw their attention to specific areas and create separation between the different sets of content.

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