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7.2 Inserting Shapes In Excel

We are talking about inserting additional elements into an Excel document. We just saw images those two little images there at the top. Now we want to take-a-look at what is called Excel shapes. Through Excel shapes We have all sorts of shapes that we can add to an Excel document. We have got simple shapes like squares and rectangles and circles and pyramids triangles all sorts of shapes. We have got arrows and banners and call out bubbles and explosions and all kind of star looking shapes.

Now what we have got all these basic shapes that we can use to add additional content to our documents something more visual.

Now once again, something we do not want to get too overboard on in too much clutter going on our page but use it to enhance the document not to distract unless that is your purpose.

Maybe we did crummy in sales and I am thrown all this garbage out there just to distract people so we could use it to do that. But still the same keep it simple.

What I will use shapes for is to draw attention to specific areas of my document maybe circle areas or draw arrows to point at specific elements within my spreadsheet.

Is this how you work with Excel shapes. This is another insert command. On my Insert tab back in the illustrations, I got what looks like a couple of basic shapes squares circle in a diamond. If I get that a click it is going to open-up my shapes menu and you can see I got all sorts of stuff in there.

Inserting Excel Shapes 1

I am going to grab this one this rounded corner rectangle, I will give that a click, I am going to come out and just click and drag some place to create a rectangle just left click and drag, there is my triangle.

Inserting Excel Shapes 2

I got some default formatting and it is got a light blue fill a dark blue border around it. That is great but what am I going to use this for is just a rectangle. What I want to do here is, I want to highlight, I want to draw a rectangle that is going to move it over highlights all my totals column.

Inserting Excel Shapes 3

So, I have got that, But this rectangles got a darker color so I cannot see through my numbers. I just want to draw a breathtaking all around it to draw attention to those totals.

With that highlighted I could do some additional formatting here.

Hit Select shape, then I am up on my ribbon top of my screen with my shapes selected. I have now got a Format tab, where I got all this various formatting that I can get into changing the color changing the border and so on. Let us take-a-look at those features here just a moment because I am one to see behind that box.

Inserting Excel Shapes 4

Let us try another shape before we do this though. where do we find shapes at. I want to draw a little arrow that points to the 72 percent, that is just ridiculous right, that is too much of my income going to rent. So I want to draw nice big fat arrow pointing to that draw attention to that 72 percent.

Inserting Excel Shapes 5

So, once again back to inserts backed shapes and I am going to grab one of these block arrows. I grab this one this left arrow. so at that selected will come out, Left click and drag and I have now created this nice little arrow pointing to that 72 percent. You open up this document, what do you look at. There is an arrow pointing right. There is a box in there drawing attention for our users.

So try it out, we are going to use them for many here in a moment but draw a few shapes just insert shapes whatever you want to do there. Draws them shapes to draw attention to the content.

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