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9.4 Printing a Specific Range of Cells

Let us take-a-look at one more option in-regards-to printing. Now in many cases when you go to a printed document you are going to print the entire thing. The spreadsheet all its data the charts the entire set of data contained within that worksheet. But there will come a time where you want to print just a specific portion of the document. Like I only want to print the little spreadsheet right here my bills the months their totals their percentage that is it.

Well right now if I go file the print, I print out the entire thing well inside of Excel, We have what is called the print area. You set a print area at the cells that you want to print.

You go to a two-page layout print area set the print area and that is all you will print when you go to file print.

I am going to select my little spreadsheet, cell A3 down to cell F9, I am going to go up to page layout. I am going to go to a print area and I am going to set the print area so I am going to look away from my little spreadsheet there and you probably just barely see it on the screen.

Printing a Specific Range of Cells 1

So now I am going to file to print and see that I am only printing out a little spreadsheet. No title no min max average account no chart. It is just the spreadsheet set your print area.

Then, try this out. Set your own print area. Maybe you just want a specific month or couple of months or specific bills or maybe you just want the charts like the chart print that select your data set the print area print that. Do not forget to go back and clear it though when you are all done.

Clear print Area

Printing a Specific Range of Cells 2

Try it out.

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