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14.1 Excel DSUM Function Single Criteria

Excel DSUM Function Single Criteria 3

By utilizing the DSUM function we can add criteria to the sum we’re going to say hey excel. I want to sum up the total sales but I only want to do it where the category is equal to rents, or where the categories equal to telemarketing or whatever it …

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13.9 Removing Duplicates in Excel

Removing Duplicates in Excel 3

We’ve identified the duplicates by using conditional formatting. But in many cases once you’ve identified them you then want to perform some action with those duplicates. And in this case I’m going to remove the duplicates. Remember it’s two separate steps. First you identify them using conditional formatting and in …

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13.7 Format a List as a Table

Format a List as a Table 4

Something the next feature I want to introduce you to here was was actually introduced into excel in the 2007 edition of Excel. Now I’m working this out of 2013 in front of you but three versions ago and the newest version which is 2016 all whole this feature This …

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13.6 Creating Subtotals in a List

Creating Subtotals in a List 2

The next topic that I want to get into year within a proper designed well formatted list is subtotals, I’ve still got the exercise file open and I’ve gone to the Subtotals worksheet. I’ve got a simple list, it’s got a few columns. Salesperson, product units, price/unit and sales and …

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13.4 Using Custom Sorts in an Excel List

Using Custom Sorts in an Excel List 1

Here’s one more topic about sorting within Excel lists. Now I’ve still got the exercise file . I’m on the Buyers 2015 worksheet. I mean to give a quick little tip here in order to find really make it more accessible for the little arrows on the left hand side …

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13.1 Understanding Excel List Structure

Understanding Excel List Structure

Here’s the first concept there’s actually two that I want to bring in here and make you aware of as you work with in Excel with the LISTS. Now inside the exercise pile that I have open, I’m looking at the employee records tab and on I have a simple …

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