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6.6. Using Excel’s Format Painter

Using Excel's Format Painter 1

The next option, I want to take-a-look at it here is going to help streamline your efforts as you formatted document especially really large documents. We are going to talk about the format painter. Now I want to point out that the format painter is exclusive to Excel, You will …

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6.5. Formatting Percentages

Formatting Percentages 1

In the previous lecture we are talking about formatting numeric values numeric values as currency. But I also talked about that you know what we have some percentages here, and when I did the wrong calculation, I got a percentage but it is a decimal percentage and I want to …

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6.4. Formatting Data as Currency Values

Formatting Data as Currency Values 2

So, way back in the earlier discussions we are talking about different types of data that you can add to an excel worksheet. You add text you had numeric data you had dates you had functions and formulas. Now I want to revisit the idea of the numbers, we have …

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6.3. Adding Borders to Cells

Adding Borders to Cells 4

I start talking about how through formatting you can start to create separation in the different areas of content that you have in your Microsoft Excel worksheet. I added background colors to really create separation. Now I am going to add to this idea of creating separation based on our …

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6.1 Working with Font Formatting Commands

Working with Font Formatting Commands 2

Welcome to the next section of this Excel for Beginners book, during this section we are going to move away from creating structure within the document adding content. And we are going to talk about format, making our document more presentable adding colors changing the font adding borders, just making …

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5.7 Moving and Copying an Excel Worksheet

Moving and Copying an Excel Worksheet 5

Let us talk about one more option dealing with worksheets, moving and copying sheets. We have seen renaming sheets adding sheets and deleting sheets. But what about moving the order of sheets or copying on a sheet. Maybe I need an exact duplicate of the monthly budget because this one …

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5.6. Deleting an Excel Worksheet

Deleting an Excel Worksheet 1

We are talking about deleting a worksheet from a workbook. Be very careful when deleting sheets from an Excel workbook. The reason for this is once you delete a worksheet from a workbook, There is no undo for this. Typically, if something goes wrong, When I am working instead of …

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5.5 Renaming an Excel Worksheet

Renaming an Excel Worksheet 3

In the earlier lecture we were talking about copying and pasting cutting and pasting data, I showed you how to insert a new worksheet, at the bottom of screen and the newer releases of Excel. You got a little plus sign(+), that you can get to in the earlier releases …

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