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2.5 Customizing the Excel Quick Access Toolbar

A neat tool that is kind of lesser known kind of hidden but a neat tool. This is the quick access toolbar it is part of the Excel interface and it is been around since the 2007 edition of Excel.


  • The quick access toolbar

Excel Quick Access Toolbar

The quick access toolbar is located on the top left corner of the screen, you can currently see I have things like Save, Undo and Redo up there.

The quick access toolbar it is supposed to be quick easy access direct access to some of the more common for everyone or more common features for you, the quick access toolbar is something you can customize.

If you go do it a little down arrow, it will give you a handful of other common commands.

Excel Quick Access Toolbar

Something else you can do if you find a command on the Ribbon that you use often, you can right click on the button, it is going to have an option for Add to quick access toolbar.


Excel Quick Access Toolbar

Customize your experience and make your life easier and quicker as you are working inside of Excel utilize the quick access toolbar.

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