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13.5 Filter an Excel List Using the AutoFilter Tool

Sorting a list makes it more accessible makes it easier to find data. But you still have to search through all the data to find the specific records that you’re looking for example I’m looking at Buyers 2015 and I just sorted it by month but you know what I want to find, the July records so I still have to scroll through all the other records that I don’t necessarily need to be able to find the July records. But in a lot of cases I don’t just want to present the data to make it easier to search. I actually just want it to display specific records. I only want to see the July records and that’s it’s nothing else. I don’t need January February March April May June or August or September. I just need July records. We’re going to talk about filtering a list, this is super simple.

Microsoft gave us a tool called an auto filter that really does all the work for us. All we need to do is identify to excel what we’re looking for.

I’m going to click it into my list. I go back to Data tab, back to sort and filter and I’m going to go to the big Filter button. I’ll give that a click yes it doesn’t open up an additional window like the sort button did. But this changes in a property of my list.

Filter an Excel List Using the AutoFilter Tool 1

You can see up in my column headers now a one through month year cost items and buyer. I’ve now got these little dropdown arrows that show up next to each column header.

Now how important those column headers are. This is one of the reasons. now what I’ve got my filter on the little dropdowns. I want a filter for July records. That’s all I want to see. I’ll find the month I’ll find the little dropdown attach the month. Give that a click to the left click and I’ve got several things going on in here.

Filter an Excel List Using the AutoFilter Tool 2

I can sort I can provide text filters like, equal to something or begins with something or contains specific characters or I could dropdown to my search filters.

I can de-select all and I’m going to select July because that’s all I need. Just the July records all hit OK. You’ve now got the July records and that’s all I get.

I’m really enjoying this because of how quick it is. I mean you had a couple of buttons and your list is now changed to show you just those specific records.

Let me clear the filter.  I can go to Data tab inside the sorting filter area, I can hit the Clear button. This will take me back to square one once again all of my records.

Filter an Excel List Using the AutoFilter Tool 3

Try this out.

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