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2.6 More on the Excel Interface

Let us further our lesson about the Excel interface itself. There is a few more things that I want to point out here.

We have seen that quick access toolbar you have got your ribbon directly below that there is the ribbon, you have got the name box in the formula bar right below that and then down at the very bottom of the screen we have got what is called the Status bar.

Status bar is one that we commonly overlook because it is small.

Excel Interface1

The buttons on the Status bar include: Normal, Page Layout, Page Break Preview, Zoom.

These three buttons allow you to change the view of your workbook and then to the right of that you have got a zoom bar that allows you to zoom in and out of the Excel workbook or worksheet itself.

These buttons here the view buttons are also available to you on The View tab at the top of your screen.

If You go back to the view tab on the left-hand side we have got workbook views and you see that You have got Normal, Page break preview, and Page Layout those exact same buttons that we saw down at the bottom.

Excel Interface2

However, that is just a little bit more about the interface and you will see that change you will see some other stuff show up on the quickly.

If You Right click on the status bar you will see that there is all sorts of stuff in there and they are not all showing up for You right now but once we start working in there and start selecting data start manipulating data you will see some other bits of information show up on the Status bar.

Excel Interface3

You have got the Excel workbook and that is the document that you are going to be working inside of, this is where all your data is going to go.

Excel Interface

If you are an experienced Excel User Grey you know all about this. If you are newer to excel, we are going to break this down.

We are going to get an understanding of the Excel workbook and understanding what worksheets are compared to the workbook how to navigate it how to reference it and so on.

So, it is really kind of two pieces. Got the Excel application interface and then you have got the workbook itself.

Now we are going to dig into it as we continue working instead of Excel.

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