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2.1 Opening Microsoft Excel

The first thing we want to be able to do before we get in and start to work within Microsoft Excel is that we got to open up the application.

Now I am going to make this a quick little introduction just to opening Microsoft Excel.

Here is a couple of ways you can open-up the application itself.

1- Find in Start menu (Window 10 version)

opening Microsoft Excel
opening Microsoft Excel

2 – Search “Excel” on taskbar using keyboard

opening Microsoft Excel

3 – Double click on any Excel shortcut file sitting on desktop

Or Click on Excel shortcut on taskbar.

opening Microsoft Excel

There are multiple approaches to launching the application just like you would launch any other application Word, PowerPoint, Acrobat whatever that you just double click the icon opens up the application or go search for it inside of your start menu.

I found that the best way to learn something new is to right away get your hands in there and start to work with it , And the quicker that you can apply the concepts that we cover the better it is going to be for you.

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