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3.2 Working with Numeric Data in Excel

Next step in creating this Excel spreadsheet is to enter some numeric values some currency amounts for the amounts that we are spending for each bill across all the months.

Inside this section in my case from cell B4 right below January inside rent from B4 down to D8, you want to put my dollar amounts inside of there.

Feel free you can copy exactly what You got or if you are putting your own bills in there, you are creating your own monthly budget.

Feel free to put your own amounts whatever you like to do, the quicker you can put it into real world practice the better off right.

Working with Numeric Data in Excel 1

Now we have got our labels and all of these guys right here are labels for our spreadsheet and we have got our dollar amounts are currency values representing the amount that we are spending for each bill for each of these months. There is something I want to point out here, this is something small but it is actually pretty big.

There is a difference between the tax values these guys that we entered in and the numeric values that we just input. Like I say it is going to be actually something kind of small but it can make a big impact inside of your spreadsheet and inside your work especially when you start getting into calculations.

Take compare these labels with the dollar amounts that have numeric values that you just input below those headers see it. Something different about those two. I know once numeric once tax one alpha but there is even something else different between the two.

The months the months these are left aligned, deals with their formatting by default text values come in Left aligned on the cell.

You see it numeric values on the other hand come in Right aligned for numbers.

Working with Numeric Data in Excel 2

Why does this happen? This happens not just in Excel but in lots of different applications. It is not specific to Excel only.

Majority of them, in fact, it happens for a couple of reasons.

It is cleaner you will see the difference between the two I know that this is text because it is left aligned this is numeric because it is right aligned. That is its default behavior.

If we start introducing decimal places inside of our numeric values those decimals will be nice and aligned.

I am going to go to Home tab. Underneath my home tab. I have got an alignment section and I am going to tell them to be left aligned and you are going to see our decimal place kind of go like kind of do the wave.

Working with Numeric Data in Excel 3

So, let me hit the left the line button there and there is our decimals still numeric right. But if we look at that now that decimal is no longer straight it is no longer clean. If I had more decimals, I think you would be doing the wave all the way down right. Just It would not look very clean.

I do not want the decimal, so I am going to keep hitting control. All right so there is one reason it is cleaner it is distinguishes itself between that data and the data below looks nice and clean.

Now if you ever import data or copy paste data from some other system whatever it is into an Excel document and you see your numeric values are, actually, left aligned. So, they look like this all over here on the left-hand side. Typically you will then get a little green let us change my color here to say green you get a little green kind of triangle look and thin inside the corner of that cell and you will get that across all of them.

Typically, when you see your numbers left the line Excel is treating those values as text.

They are not being treated as numbers. So, what can you do? Well if that happens to you, you can click into one of those cells.

You get that little triangle in the corner you get a little box. Then when you click the box it will come up with some options.

We do not want that wave going through our document and it can potentially script some formulas when you are trying to do mathematical type operators. We do not want to work with text we want to work with numbers.

Working with Numeric Data in Excel 4

Get those in there then we will jump to the next lecture and we will start to expand some more inside of this Excel spreadsheet.

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